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Do you really need to have a responsive website?


You’re probably already asking yourself ‘Do i really need a responsive website?’

It’s probably pretty obvious to most people these days that mobile internet usage has been rapidly catching up with desktop usage – and expected to match it by 2015.

However, despite all of this hype, there are still a vast majority of website that still aren’t mobile friendly. This is potentially costing companies £1,000s in loss of new business opportunities.

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Is SEO really that important?


‘Is SEO really that important?’I hear you say.

Would you have a shop without any signage… would you have a business card without your contact details printed on it!

There’s not a lot of point in having that fantastic website, if your customers can’t find it. With all of the choice that today’s users face, standing out in front of your competition is getting increasingly more difficult. If your website sits quietly in the search results, then the chances are that many people will never find you.  Continue reading

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